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Women Can Achieve Pull-Ups: Here’s How

Women Can Achieve Pull Ups

Think most women can’t achieve pull ups?

Although hormonal differences do make it a bit harder for the fairer sex to put on muscle, almost any woman can master the pull up with the right routine and consistent effort.

Brittany Taylor, wasn’t able to do them for most of her life, despite doing multiple high school sports and going to the gym during college.

But after she adopted the same healthy raw food diet that I eat, she lost 30 pounds. With a dramatically reduced weight, she didn’t have to put on so much muscle to haul up that fat, and a training program revolving around pull ups assisted by resistance bands allowed her to achieve a strict dead hang pull up in a few months.


Watch The Results: 

In this video, Brittany Taylor shows off her new pull up abilities.


The Program: I’ve had a number of women tell me that no matter how hard they try, they just can’t do pull ups. But if I ask them for the particulars of their training program, they sheepishly admit that it consists of trying once, failing, and then not trying again for long periods of time.

That kind of program won’t work; it’ll take consistent effort to get you to full pull ups. My suggestion is to have a pull up day at least once every three days. Make sure you’ve fully recovered (are no longer sore) before doing your next training day.

How To Train: You can progress using the no-equipment (other than the bar) techniques I lay out in this article, or buy some resistance bands (which I describe in this article), which I find works best for most women.

If opting for resistance bands, start with a band you can do at least one full dead hang pull up with. Keep training on that band until you can do at least five pull ups with it. Once you’ve achieved that, go down to the next thinner band and build up to five once again. Eventually, you’ll be able to drop down to no band at all and do a pull ups.

Sets And Reps: The number of sets and reps you do will vary depending on what your current ability level is. I suggest you aim for two to three sets of the maximum amount of reps you can do before failure in each training session.


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