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There are hundreds of bodyweight exercises that can strengthen every part of your body, improve your fitness level, and impress your friends.

You don’t need a gym membership or expensive weight machines to make your body a powerful, injury-resistant, muscular machine.

With little or no equipment and a few feet of space, you can transform yourself and master impressive movement skills that will leave you better able to navigate the physical world.

Why Use Bodyweight Exercises?

Jacked guys are a dime a dozen.

Walk into almost any gym in the world and you’ll find at least a few men whose muscles bulge out of their tank tops; they can impressively flex arms that are 18 inches in diameter for whoever cares to watch. 

But how many of these guys are actually powerful, cardiovascularly fit, resistant to injury, flexible, and capable of impressive feats of athleticism and strength?

Not a ton, because many are bloated rather than strong, and concerned more with appearance than real strength and ability. 

Personally, I’m not impressed by how much someone can lift on a weight machine that isolates a few muscles.

You’re more likely to impress me if you can:

  • Rock a handstand scorpion.
  • Do a strict muscle up.
  • Bend over backwards and touch the floor before popping back up to your feet.

If you’re like me and more interested in being dynamically strong and skilled, then the exercises on this page are for you.


Beginning With Bodyweight Exercises:

On this page you’ll find a growing list of bodyweight exercises that are either extremely effective at making people fit, or are simply really fun to do and impressive to watch.

Although I suggest that everyone keep upping the ante and expanding their repertoire of skills and exercises, if you’re just starting out, I suggest six simple but challenging bodyweight exercises which, collectively, will work almost every muscle in your body and leave you dramatically fitter.These are the pushup, squat, pull up, bridge, handstand, and leg raise.

For more information on why these six dynamic exercises are so powerful, check out this article.

The Exercises:


The only six bodyweight exercises you’ll need to develop every muscle in your body.


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