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Feats Of Strength

Feats of strength are all about improving your strength, fitness, and adding a bit of physical showmanship and flash to your capabilities.

On this page you will of course find literal feats of strength, but also more generally impressive physical feats like the five-minute burpee challenge, which will push even the fittest individuals to their limits if they go all out and seek to progressively improve.

The articles linked off this page attempt to explain how you can work up to these various feats.

Some of these moves are advanced, and you may want to consider laying a groundwork of more basic bodyweight exercises if you feel they’re too much for you.

Feats Of Strength

The Human Overhead Squat


HumanOverheadSquat The human overhead squat takes the traditional barbell overhead squat and replaces the predictable metal with a squirming, uneven, constantly-shifting human.Even if you choose a partner that’s lighter than your max barbell overhead squat, you’ll likely find this exercise considerably harder than the usual barbell method due to the need to stabilize your partner as you move up and down.

Learn how to do the move here.


The Five-Minute Burpee Challenge


Burpee Challenge Small The five-minute burpee challenge will push even the fittest people to their limits while vastly improving their cardio capacity.In the face of the burpee challenge, most people go pale. It’s a test of mental fortitude as much as physical resiliency, and you may well curse it while you’re doing it and bless it when you’ve made it through.

If you want to get fitter, there’s few better ways to do it than the burpee challenge.

Learn how to do it here.

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