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Home Gym equipment Handstand Canes BalanceHome gym equipment doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated, or take up a lot of space to make a big impact on your physique and athletic abilities.

I talk a lot about the power of bodyweight exercise on this site, and how you can get fit using almost no equipment at all; why lift a barbell when you can use the weight of your own body?

Any equipment you use is always the SIDE SHOW compared to the simple bodyweight exercises the bring big results.

But sometimes, a few pieces of equipment can facilitate the use of your bodyweight in new ways, or help you bypass a roadblock that’s holding you back.

On this page I’m going to mention several of the effective pieces of home gym equipment I use.

Some are cheap and easy to find at sports stores, while others require a small time investment to make.

If you only have time or money for one pieces of equipment, make sure you choose the pull up bar.

The Most Effective Home Gym Equipment

Pull Up Bar Larger

The Pull Up Bar


Pull up bars are the most essential piece of home gym equipment you can buy. They’re simple and fairly cheap, but unmatched when it comes to getting stronger, building muscle, and becoming fit.

The majority of muscles in the body can be worked with nothing more than the creative use of the floor, but if you can hang off something and pull yourself up, you can transform your lats, traps, deltoids, and biceps like nothing else.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a pull up bar today, and then get started on pullups progressions.


The Jump Rope

Jump ropes are fantastic tool for improving your cardio, balance, and kinesthetic awareness. No matter your physical pursuit, the mastery of advanced jump roping skills will improve your execution of it.

Any cheap jump rope will fit nicely into this niece of home gym equipment, but if you’re interested in moving beyond the basics, I really like the swivel bearings on the Buddy Lee Jump Ropes, which allow for 6 rotation per second.

The rope is strong enough to endure a beating on rough surfaces like asphalt, cement, and rock, where other ropes get shredded.


Handstand Canes


If you’re looking to improve your hand stands, making yourself a set of handstand canes is a great idea. They’ll help protect your wrists from overuse injuries, improve your ability to jump into a handstand, and allow you to power through your hands to a greater degree.

Although buying canes can get pricey, you can make your own with $30 worth of parts and a power drill.

To make my own canes, I used a slightly-modified version of the handstand cane creation directions posted here.




Parallettes are a great tool to help you master cool moves like L-Sits, V-Sits, planches, and a number of presses while protecting your wrists from overuse injuries.

I’ve written a guide covering how you can easily build your own set of parallettes out of PVC pipe for $25.


Following Up

Home gym equipment is all well and good, but don’t forget that this stuff is the sideshow to the main event – simple but powerful bodyweight exercises.

Start getting your fitness in gear with exercises that cost you nothing.

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